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Our Elevate – Warm Leads System is a tested system that fuses traditional marketing techniques with new digital technologies to deliver warmer, more interested prospects to you. And that equals easier sales!

— Contact quality prospects
— Nurture the relationship
— Demonstrate your value proposition
— Watch the sparks fly!

... break through the clutter and get noticed.

Gruber’s strongest offering is his unique ability to see all the many sides of the marketing puzzle, craft the right message and ensure all the pieces fit together. A strategy partner. Can execute on tactics that break through the clutter (enormously difficult) and get you noticed. Very strong on the market/product match front as well. If you don’t consider Mike – you’ve made a big mistake.”

Paul Borgman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor

... rare ability to deliver consistent product.

My career path in physician practice management marketing has led me to four different companies in seven years. Having worked with Brien Shea and Mike Gruber (of CI Media) from the beginning, I insisted on their support and participation every place I’ve worked. Their staff adapted their marketing expertise to my constantly changing needs across all communications media. Thrown into a lot of time-sensitive, budget-conscious, politically-complicated situations, their team always has the poise and rare ability to deliver consistent, quality product.

 Jeff Routledge, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Planning,

Kelson Pediatric Partners, Hartford, Connecticut.


... our campaign tripled projections.

Several years ago, our multi-state ophthalmology practice made the commitment to aggressively market a new surgical technique for nearsightedness. There was a lot of “same-old, same old“ advertising we knew we had to break through to reach our target patient. Mike Gruber (of CI Media) became an invaluable consultant by suggesting the right combination of media, supporting us through the whole production process and creating a relationship-marketing follow-up program that stretched our advertising dollars as far as possible. The response to our campaign tripled projections increasing surgical revenues by 26%. Mike helped us work smart, get results beyond our wildest dreams and have a lot of fun doing it.


 Susan Burke, Director of Marketing and Advertising,

John-Kenyon Eye Center, Louisville, Kentucky


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