Reach your target for pennies on the dollar with surgical accuracy.

Our patented IP Targeting technology
allows us to match a target’s street address to their IP addresses (online addresses attached to your Wi-Fi). We can then use their IP address to deliver banner and video ads—over  the existing ad networks—when your target surfs the web.

And we do this WITHOUT the use of cookies.

Most online ad platforms, using web browser cookies, serve a substantial number of AD IMPRESSIONS to webpage-crawling robots (webbots). Unfortunately, you are charged for these useless, non-human views … which wastes your ad dollars!

Since we don’t use cookies, only HUMAN eyeballs will see your ads.

Think of IP Targeting as digital direct mail. With tremendous frequency, you can make a real impression!

  • 50-100 times more targeted – with far more frequency – than television
  • Up to 60 times more effective than other online ads (only human traffic is served – NO BOTS!
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) is 3.2 times higher than industry averages.
  • Ads appear on 92% of all websites that carry online ads – anything from ESPN to Joe’s Blog. Ads are served via 30+ ad networks.

Venue Replay – The past can help your future

With VENUE REPLAY, we can go back in time (up to 6 months) and obtain device IDs of targets who attended a trade show, convention, event, etc.

  • We can also match a large percentage of those device IDs to their household IP address.
  • Then we can serve digital ads to those targets at home and when they are mobile.

If you have missed a conference, trade show, a big street event (indoors or outdoors), we can map the area and provide the exact targets you want to see your message. Incredibly powerful.

Captive Audience – We Are Where They Are

We can serve digital ads to entire college campuses, trade shows, conventions and other venues where masses gather.

For example, if you wanted to target a university. Your content would be delivered everywhere on campus, including libraries, classrooms, residence halls, and common areas. Your digital ads will be positioned in front of students on websites that they already tend to visit. Works on any device whether plugged into the network or using WiFi.

To learn more about how IP Targeting can help you,
watch the video on this page. It does a deeper dive and includes some case studies. OR you can contact us and we’ll setup a call to discuss.

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