The votes are in. We have a platform for winning.

CI Media has been paid consultants on over 70 political campaigns, from local judicial to Gubernatorial to U.S. House of Representative & U.S. Senate races. Among the candidates: Sen. John Ensign (NV), Rep. Anne Northup (KY), & Gov. Kristi Noem (SD).

For 8 years, Brien Shea was the chief architect and marketer for the official George W. Bush online store, where the campaign sold official campaign materials and yard signs.

In 2000, the e-commerce portal (built by Brien Shea and Mike Gruber) won the Spirit International Catalog Site of the Year award. In 2004, the site received over 5000 orders a day.

CI Media built and managed independent presidential campaign e-commerce platforms for Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump campaign materials & signs. Our internet team has developed and consulted on over 35 political campaign and PAC websites.

We were lead strategists and media consultants on 2 successful KY Constitutional Amendments. And we’re experts at getting out the vote (GOTV).

MARKETING VEHICLES: Websites, e-commerce, inventory management technology and systems, IP Targeting Ads, banner ads, landing pages, emails, print media, videos, yard signs, t-shirts, caps, specialty items and more.


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